Research and Development

Taking up the challenge of new possibilities for audio and video


A Wealth of Data And Know-How In Every System Design.

TOA not only produces amplifiers and speakers, but also the very sounds themselves. For the various sounds required by a project, TOA responds with total systems that include design, installation and management to provide the optimum sound for each installation. We design sound systems for a variety of spaces using precise sound field simulations and digital measuring technology to capture live sounds, while constantly referring back to our ever-growing accumulation of data and know-how.

A new relationship between sound and video imagery. In developing a seamless merger of business, TOA is pursuing unlimited possibilities

As we set out upon a new age, the needs of sound environment are changing, becoming easier to use, more comfortable, and more pleasant to human beings. With technology and vision one step ahead of the times, TOA is creating new areas of comfort for the new age. Applying our accumulated expertise, TOA aims to further evolve as a specialized sound producer, which actively making inroads into the field of video imagery. Advancing toward a seamless tomorrow of unified possibilities, we are promoting the development of new products that feature characteristics from both field. And, in combining them we will produce new values of sparkling originality.


Developing Security For The Network Age. Compatibility Between Real-Time Site Check And Quick, Sure Evacuation Guidance.

With the advances of computerization and networking, the importance of security to protect safety only increases, and quicker and surer systems are being sought. Based on know-how cultivated through the development of our surveillance television camera (CCTV) systems, TOA is developing the next generation of security systems, which will link-up with computer networks to realize borderless surveillance.


Compatibility Between Real-Time Site Check And Quick, Sure Evacuation Guidance.

The installation of an evacuation system for emergency situations is an inevitable issue in today's buildings, which are becoming larger and more complex. Here, too, TOA's original perspective is being put to good use. In the event of a fire, conventional emergency broadcast evacuation guidance is augmented by surveillance camera video information, making the audio evacuation guidance compatible with the video site check. In this way, TOA is working to ensure safety well into the future.

Creating sounds through elimination. New values by TOA in the pursuit of comfort

Active noise control is one of TOA's latest technologies in the advancement of sound creation to match the environment. Waveforms generated in the opposite phase of a detected noise cancel it out as the opposing sound waves hit each other, thereby cancelling noise with sound. TOA became the world's first manufacturer to succeed in commericalizing this technology to cancel out engine exhaust noise. Capitalizing on both its sound and digital signal processing technologies, TOA has made noise cancellation technology more useful for reducing industrial noise and the noise around us.