ER-1000A Series

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ER-1000A Series
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(*1) when the supplied battery spacers are used.
(*2) Audible range is measured on a quiet street with the Personal PA System loaded with fresh batteries
       Range varies depending on surrounding environmental conditions, such as battery consumption, ambient noise levels, wind direction and obstacles. Reference standard: JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industrial Association) TT-4501D
(*3) Battery life during voice output usage represents the period of time when the Personal PA System is continuously used with the volume control set to a position that does not cause feedback. Reference standard: JEITA TT-4501D
(*4) Battery life during AUX stereo input represents a value actually measures when music is continuously reproduced with a commerical audio player connected to the AUX input terminal. It varies depending on the connected external equipment's volume output or the type of music source.
(*5) 0 dB = 1V
(*6) Adjust the volume or the AUX input at the connected external device.
(*7) Volume during monaural operation is smaller than during stereo operation.
(*8) The 120cm length is when the Belt is stretched out to its maximum extent. When worn, consider a Belt length of 100cm (of waist size when clothes are worn) as a rule-of-thumb standard.

Note: Prepare batteries separately, as they are not supplied with the product.

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